Kashan Souvenir


Kashan Souvenir

Souvenirs of Kashan City

The city of Kashan is the ghali perfume and the birthplace of artists

A city where the hearts of its people, like the sun in the summer, are warm and friendly, and the small hands of its daughters are remembered on the carpets of its nigger.

We want to get a little familiar with this city souvenir in this article.

Souvenirs that start from delicious and end in handicrafts and even some local dishes.

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It’s always been a pleasure to buy, especially if you do it on a trip and do business with something else that you can not find anywhere else in that city. In this article we intend to introduce you the souvenirs of Kashan city.

Perhaps, hearing the name of this ancient city, only the images of rose water and scales are in your mind, but Kashan has many eating and handicrafts that are considered as a valuable souvenir of this beautiful city. Hand-woven carpets, crockery, ornaments made with Mohammad’s flowers during the flowering season are all considered as Kashan souvenirs.

Kashan Souvenir

Rose water and herbs, pottery, Baklava and Halvah Ardeh Kashan, Pomegranate Kashan (Autumn), Carpet, Zilu and Gillim, Ghiwh are all souvenirs of ancient Kashan.

When you come to Kashan, you come back to your city; unless someone is a guest of Kashan, but he does not taste the taste of it or left a glass of pure Leo Mohammadi from the city. In the beginning we begin to introduce delicious pastries of Kashan.

Delicious food, souvenirs from ancient Kashan

Which one do you like most?

Maybe you have not had any taste at all; but you must have tried Kashan Baklava.

Apart from Baklava, which is almost the most famous souvenir of Kashan, many other eatings are also purchased in this city as souvenirs, and we will introduce them to you in full.

1) Haji Buddhist Sweets

Haji Buddhumi is one of the most delicious Kashan souvenirs found in most of the city’s stores.

This pastry is very popular at ceremonies and parties in Kashan, and its main ingredients are almonds and powdered sugar.

Haji Badmumi has a special taste, as it has a special name, and because it uses almonds, it has a high nutritional value.

2) Muffins

Cookies were cooked in Iran for the first time in the 7th century AD. The muffin means a piece of whole bread from the word Russian in the Persian language, the Greek word for the word “κόλλιξ” is taken from the colic and the English word is Kulich….

The tasteless of Kashan is another delicious souvenir of this city. During the Nowruz, Kashan’s cookies are seen in all the houses of the city, and this tradition has long remained. Cookies of Kashan are made from wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil or animal, cardamom, saffron and pistachio cereals.

3) Baklava, Flower Basket of Kashan Bakery

Baklava is one of the noble canisters of Kashan, in addition to gifts and souvenirs for tourists, Kashans also use ceremonies, occasions, festivals and even funerals. Since it is used in this pastry of five types of brain that contains walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and Indian almonds, it is very nutritious.

Perhaps you have experienced other cities in the city; but the taste of Kashban Baklava is something we offer you, be sure to try it.

4) Mashhad Kashan

Kashan is one of the delicacies in this city that can not be overcome. At the time of the New Year’s Eve, it is customary to bring the people of Kashan to the guests with their muffins, and it’s interesting to know that they are offering their guests the taste of the muffins and breadcrumbs like bread and cheese.

Do not eat Kashan, and your favorite eating is not acceptable to the host.

5) Rose water and aromas

Kashane Golab, which no longer needs to be introduced, we all know that this is the product of Kashan and every year in the waterfall season to watch the ceremony to Kashan.

Apart from rose water, some other flavors are also found in Kashan, which is very well-known for its traditionality and has special fans. The purpose is to be traditional in copper porcelain and manually perform sweetening operations, in which case the resulting sweat will have more beneficial properties.

Kashan crafts

Undoubtedly, whenever speaking of carpets, velvet and rose, it is almost immediately mentioned that Kashan’s name is mentioned in the minds. Since ancient times, the historic city of Kashan has been one of the major centers for producing carpets and all kinds of silk fabrics such as Zarbat (Zari ) Silver texture, velvet, silk, satin and diamonds.

The tiling industry has even named its name from Kashan. In most mosques of the country, the tissues of the Kashane textures have been expanded. Kashan has always been one of the most famous cities in the country in the field of crafts and traditional arts.

The textile industry, tiling, porcelain porcelain, pottery, ceramics, and paintings of this city are world renowned. Nowadays traditional workshops on poetry, carpet weaving, zilto weaving, velvet weaving, zarayafi, pottery in Kashan are active and visited by domestic and foreign tourists.


1) Kashan carpets and rugs

Kashan carpet design is very beautiful, so many fans and even carpets are very used.

Weavers crawl up in the early morning hours of the Azan’s bosom, and they will continue to wrap their heads and gems on the carpet. Many of them are young girls with clean and innocent hearts who create beautiful carpets in Kashan.

These gemstones are taken to the other side, and many plan and map out one of them.

Several people are involved not only in knitting but also in the early stages of making yarns, one of them. For the color of its threads, it does not use a piece of artificial material. Natural yarns are painted with yarns and weighed by weavers.


2) Weaving poetry

Weaving poetry is an ancient art in Kashan, which was carried out 350 years ago by the machine, and most of Kashan’s people were engaged in this profession and art. The poem is the name of a fabric that is woven from silk, and to someone who does this, they say poetry.

This art was called in the early centuries of Jolah and later became known as poetry. In general, the textile history of the world dates back to eight thousand years BC. Based on the outstanding features of the Achaemenid and Parthian times, exquisite textiles are common in Iran and reached the peak of the Sassanid era. This industry has also been thriving since the advent of Islam. In Kashan, the name is synonymous with knitted fabrics and is also called the local handmade fabric such as weaving, weaving, weaving, and … weaving with two-threaded and four-threaded devices.

During the Mongol period, due to the direct connection with the Chinese industry, significant changes were made in the design of knitting and textile designs, and the appearance of fabulous animals such as dragon, angel, and simorgh, etc., was plotted on the fabric, and the amount of production was also enhanced and content increased To the extent that during the Timurid era, Kashan’s textiles were booming, the factories of the city exported textiles to the Islamic world around them.

In the early Safavid period, the textile industry became more and more diversified and expanding, and in the 10th and 11th centuries, especially in the era of Shah Abbas I, the peak of its development, or the brilliant and golden era of the Kashan industry, came to an end.

3) Pottery

The pottery is dating from Kashan for thousands of years, and is one of the first industries to reach the Silk civilization. The oldest pottery wheel belongs to the Silk civilization, which is about 4,000 to 4,500 years old.

In the distant past, they laid flowers together and made dishes, but then set the flower in the center of the circle of the circle, which rotated around its axis and shaped it more easily and quickly, and made dishes.

It is not bad to know that the first closed furnace in the Silk civilization was invented. The entrance of Islam into Iran has had a great influence on art, which includes the art and art of pottery, so that artists, believing and inspiring from the hadiths and verses of the Qur’an and divine names, can make dishes and tiles of Alvan and very beautiful.

Always pottery and pottery of Kashan have always been at the peak in most of the history, including after Islam, especially during the Seljuk period. In the Pahlavi era, Professor Golshan also had a workshop in the market of Kashan goldsmiths who now has been converted to Fatemiye Passage. The pottery decay era began 40 years ago when the workshops were gathered, but it is a place of gratitude that there are still enthusiasts of this ancient art in Kashan.


4) Tiling

No matter what the talents of Kashan people say, it is still low. Tiling is also from other arts in Kashan. The turquoise tiles are painted by the artist’s hand and in the end the adornment of the section and walls of the holy places.

Tiling and pottery are among old-fashioned arts among the people of Kashan.

5) Weaving the art of the people “Nisled”

Weaving is the art of peoples. The construction of the Ghiwh requires two distinct parts of the couch, the couch and the bed, which women climb in order to make the dress and make the bed men.

It is one of the most important centers for bedding and weaving. Nougat juice in Kashan has a special reputation.

The bedding has a long history. As the Throne of Neshaydzh brought it to Gio, the legendary legend of Iran, the son of Goodarz, the groom of Rostam and his father, Bijan, that the mention of such stories has long remained in the minds of the people and the chest to the chest for today’s generation is from ancient times This industry, as well as its cultural roots, is niche.

Because of the farming and livestock jobs of the people, as well as the massive movement in the spring and summer of the people of these cities, they are woven to make beautiful and comfortable shoes.

Still, old men and elderly people in their pristine workshop, which are usually located next to their home, are bedridden with their simple tools and tools, as well as old and middle aged women alongside carpet weaving and housewifery on the slopes and stairs next to the alleys Although people sit down and get dressed in bedded beds, they are part of the burden of the family’s economy.



Local dishes of Kashan

Wherever you travel to Iran, local food will be waiting for you in a unique and memorable mood. Kashan, like our beloved Iran, has local and delicious food. In the following, we will introduce these foods.

Meat and Vebia Food is similar to our own broth, with the exception of beans instead of peas; of course, in this delicious dish, some aromatic herbs are also used and cooked in copper saucepans, and the water is accompanied by It’s served by its tile. Chickpea is also one of the other local foods in Kashan. They feed the rice with rice and split the peas in two pieces after soaking. The orphan is one of the gourmet and local cuisine of Kashan, which is cooked with eggplants, potatoes and tomatoes. If you are interested in Ploufie foods, we offer you Chloe Daisy. This food is cooked with bean and beef. Jojoba Kaasan dough is cooked with eggplant and meat and is one of the local cuisine of Kashan.




Prestigious stores for souvenirs in Kashan

The best place to buy handicrafts and souvenirs of Kashan is the historical and major market of Kashan. However, during the holidays and eve of the year, handicraft exhibitions will be organized by government agencies in some spectacular places of the city.

To buy handmade carpets, you need to go to the market and sell carpets.

There are many authentic stores to buy sweets and especially traditional Kashman cookies.


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