Why use Blue Reservation Reservation for Reservation?

The Blue Room is the hotel booking and accommodation, tour and transit and car rental. You can make the best and most reliable choice by providing access to a banking database of hotels in Kashan, including price, geographical location and location in the shortest possible time. Our colleagues in the Blue Room will back up your reservation to accompany you in case of any problem or question. Travel with confidence when booking your blue chamber residence.

How to register in the blue room?

Dear users, you can subscribe to the site by entering your email, dedicated contact number and number to login to your site, and use the same username and password at any time to login.

Is the accommodation information that is located on the site correct and can be cited?

The information placed on the site is collected and compiled by expert experts. This information is announced from the hotel and resorts and can be cited.

Can anyone make a reservation for friends and relatives?

Yes, the reservation can only be made by announcing the name of one of the passengers as the guardian.

What should I do if I encounter a problem while booking?

If you have any problem during the booking, contact the Blue Room Support Team (telephone number 09371515301).

Amount to be paid and payable is the total cost to be paid?

Yes, when booking, the amount displayed is the total cost to be paid.

Prices on site may change?

Yes, if the price changes from the hotel, the price will change on the site. This change is based on the change of the season. The tourism industry varies in different cities according to their climate change. In fact, staying in these cities in different seasons has different prices.

What is wacher

The payment receipt and booking confirmation are called "Waiter". Waiter is issued after payment by the Blue Room Reservation System and will be available to the Reserve.

What will happen if I see a failed payment message?

Documents required to enter the place of residence, such as a birth certificate and a national card, are mandatory for married persons with a birth certificate.

What documents are required to enter Check in?

Documents required to enter the place of residence, such as a birth certificate and a national card, are mandatory for married persons with a birth certificate.

Can I leave my place earlier than the due date or later than the stated time?

In order to solve this problem, you must coordinate with the Reservation Reservation so that if the accommodation is vacant and the additional charge is paid from the room.

Are there any comments from travelers in the blue room?

The blue room for the opinions of the cherished travelers is of special value and displays them for other travelers if they are in accordance with the rules of insertion of views. The Blue Room is planning to announce the experience of other travelers to the site users in order to choose their own suitable accommodation, according to their expectations.

What is the blue-card reservation code?

The online reservation code is a unique and unique number. In case of any problems and questions, it can be transferred to the unit by informing the unit of the information necessary for tracking the booking, etc. In the shortest time the correct answer is given. Received.

Is it possible to change specifications such as name of person or date of stay?

To change the profile of the passengers, you can be coordinated with the support department, but to change the date of the accommodation or accommodation, the previous booking must be canceled and a new booking will be recorded.

What can you do if you forget the details or get lost?

Each person can view their orders by visiting the Order List section of their user area. If you do not have a password or forget your username, contact the support department and you can retrieve your message by announcing the national travelers code.

What is the reason for completing the description at the time of ordering the order?

In case of any special considerations regarding the conditions of welcome, the room and ... Dear travelers can refer to this point in order to transfer blue room colleagues to the accommodation.

What steps will be taken if the accommodation does not exist?

Our support partners will contact the user at the time the vacant accommodation is vacant. At this time, you can use the order change option to change the location to return to the search page.

Why in some cases, despite the possibility of booking a reservation, after the review, the message of lack of inventory is displayed?

- The lack of coordination of the Reserve Reservation Officers in announcing the capacity and determining the number of hotel rooms and residences in the desired date - declaring certain items, such as crashes and problems of the facility at the time of booking the reservation, placing the booking at peak intervals and creating a problem On the hotel reservation table, which means that a passenger can book a reservation for two days during the three-day holiday, and the hotel only accepts three-day reservations. - Declaration of completion of the capacity, moments before the booking is booked; - keeping the capacity for the current booking to be finalized. - Security issues such as the arrival of senior officials or unexpected cases

Is the information that came with the hotels to be reliable? For example, have a photo of a stylish hotel for an old hotel?

All the information provided by the hotels itself is announced, while our experts will also load after verifying the information and, if there is anything wrong with the facts, will be deleted.

Is the price specified in the booking section the final amount? Should an additional amount be paid?

As you can see, on the main page of each hotel, the final prices are included. By specifying the number of nights and arrivals, the final booking price including service, VAT, and municipal taxes are calculated. However, no fees will be added until the final stage. Of course, the cost of what you booked and indicated in your confirmation, such as using a mini bar, restaurant, laundry, swimming pool, etc., will be received separately. Otherwise, the prices specified are in exact accordance with the hotel's basic prices, and at the same time you will not pay any additional fees or fees.

What happens if the bank account is interrupted and payments fail?

Usually the worst possible scenario is that the money will be deducted from your account, but do not worry about depositor's account. In this case, your money is usually in the bank's interface accounts. Finally, the bank itself should resolve the conflicts. Wait, and if you do not get back to your account for up to 48 hours, then contact the system support provider or Internet Bank to resolve the dispute.

What are the reasons for trusting this website?

The information gathered on this website is the latest information about each hotel. You are welcome visitors to the dynamic website of this website in a variety of ways, but you can trust the information above and if you need further guidance. Investigate through website support. In fact, a team is maintaining and supporting this website.