About the blue room

Blue Room is a book by Sohrab Sepehri.
. The blue room was not far from the intimacy of the truth of the soil
In the post and the roof, he was a human being, breathing, was air. It was forgotten that the roof is a sanctuary for “a man who is afraid of rain and sun.” On the roof, I always stayed naked. Foot nudity was a blessing that was lost. The shoes are the bottom line of Adam’s quest for denial. An allegory of the tragic sadness of paradise.
But the sound of the sound of the blue room rose from the blue of the room, the blue that sounded. It was a color in my life, between my words and my silence, every time I was dying, I was blue, I thought it was high, it was blue, I was familiar with blue, I was beside the desert, and I was abundant above the blue, I had water on the floor Was. Close to my town, the Azure Mine was sitting next to the gold, near the Eid, we drank the eggs with blue sands. It gave a steady blue flower. How much was blue in the fields of Safi Abad Plain (Kashan).
Watching the blue sky is watching inside. Reaching the path of consciousness. Blue is the core of the parable of meditation and observation.
In ancient Egypt, blue was a sign of wisdom. The science goddess was blue, elsewhere, again, the blue is adjacent: in the worship of cookies, “those who have more knowledge” sit on the left, which is bright blue, the lazuli is a heavenly allegory and Superhuman. The god of light and endless life is Azure.
Blue was among the colors that Moses put on in Aaron’s clothing. And must be in today’s priest’s dress. “Blue orders the priest to take away worldly pleasures.” In the context of the religious allegorical color, the blue color of the sky was accepted for the celebration of the angels. And sometimes blue priests used cemeteries as the custody of the heavens, the Church of England, following the tradition of Sarom, sees blue as a sign of hope, love for divine affairs, honesty and piety. And the blue sky is the Peace Ait.
The Blue Room Reservation Site is proud to be from Sohrab city and we are dedicated to introducing the specialized area of ​​Kashan to Iran and the world to showcase the value of Iranian and Iranian art and history.
Kashan has long been the home of people and the cradle of civilization and culture. Painted coins and the remains of the past reveal the progress of life in this ancient region. After the advent of Islam and the rise of Alawite Shi’a, Kashan’s people were the first convert to Shiite religion, and perhaps because of this, the Safavid kings belonged to this family. King Safi died in this city, and King Abbas II also settled in the throne in this city. The Qajar era was the era of the expansion of the city and the restoration of historical monuments and the construction of new mansions.
The city is a culture of great poets such as Kelim Kashani (the leader of Indian or Isfahani style poetry), Mohtasham Kashani (the owner of the seven famous banners in the description of the Karbala event; to know: whether this rebellion is in the creation of the universe), whose tomb is now from The holy places are in the city of Kashan; as well, in the present era, a genius such as Sohrab Sepehri, a poet, painter and outstanding artist, has seen the style of our country’s romanticism (buried in Mashhad Ardehal Kashan).

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