Brezhak “Negin mountain”


Brezhak “Negin mountain”

The city of Borzak with a population of 5,000 people in the area of ​​200 hectares in the southwest of the city of Kashan and in a mountainous area on the slopes of Karkas, 45 km from Kashan, 60 km from Meimeh and 55 km Delijan, is on the road. On the one hand, to the Free Way of Esfahan, Tehran, and from the other side to the Kashan Expressway, Qom ends.
The history of brazz is back to 5000 years ago. The signification of that braz means a high and highland land located in the mountains, and this is the height and the drought in the water, and that, which is mumble, and in general, burzak means a small hill. The height of the city is from the sea level from 1600 to 3588 meters (average 2025). Due to its location in the summer, it has a moderate climate and, in winter, it has cold weather. The rainfall level at its post points is about 200 mm per year and at altitudes up to 400 mm. The highest temperature in the summer is 25 degrees and in winter it reaches 20 degrees below zero. The main direction is the monsoon from north to south.
There are numerous springs in the area where the flow is significant, which has led to the spread of fruit gardens along the valley of the Borzak River, making it a beautiful city garden that looks like a green garden in its area.
Agricultural area is more than gardening. Its main products are Mohammadi Blackberry, Prune, Walnut, Almond and its other products including hazelnuts, apples, pears, green tomatoes, berries, apricots, grapes, cherries, cherries and all kinds of fruits. Other names.
The city of Borzak has seven neighborhoods which are: 1 Imam Khomeini neighborhood (Saragavol) 2 neighborhood door of Jami Mosque 3 Shahid Rajaee (Sahl) neighborhood 4 Mosalla neighborhood 5 Neighborhood of pilgrimage door 6 The neighborhood of the workshop 7 Baghestan neighborhood
Due to the history of several thousand years ago, Bazak is considered. Now besides its pristine nature, it is the pilgrimage of Imamzadeh Sirajdin b. Musa bin Ja’far (a), Prince Mahmud and Ahmed (a), Jama’a Mosque and 700 years old Chenar, next to it, old houses with its tools and instruments, Stone Age baths of Safavid era Which continues to maintain its architectural and historical elements, the Qajar reservoirs, the Saadabad water mill, which is still occupied by the hands of the powerful old people of the old mills and provides the strength of the townspeople, the historical hill of the castle It was the first settlement of the people of Borzak, along with the cave found there, Ahmedabad Springs, Sa’d Abad Tourist Road, Museum of Anthropology And … are the attractions and attractions of this city.
It should be acknowledged that the city of Borzak, due to the beautiful nature and suitable climate and suitable urban infrastructure, can be used for ecotourism activities and is also attractive for cultural tourists due to its architectural and historical value.

Introducing Burzak Tourism
Historic Castle Hill (Promenade and Convent of Historic Hill Hill):
The historical hill of the castle is related to the Seljuk period and before it. The cave discovered on this hill, along with devices such as glittering tinctures, crockery and mud, Sarko and … have a great deal of habitat and life in this place.
The altitude of the hill is about 20 meters from the main road and accessible to the mosque. When you climb to the top of the hill and look at the four sides, the greenery and cheerfulness of the trees, the plains and the mountains of the valley, and the cozy houses make your eyes stroke.
The historic castle hill is located in the center of the city, with a beautiful view on either side.

The cave discovered on the historic castle hill:
The cave dates back to the Seljuk period, and now the municipality, in cooperation with the cultural heritage and tourism, is seeking the national registration of this monument.
According to the statement of the breasts to the elders of the city, this cave, which is located in the early settlement of Borzak (hill), has three main routes, and now the municipality is now working on releasing the blocked caves of the cave due to the fall Years are consecutive.
Remaining works in this cave include small canals excavated in the heart of the rock to bury or keep bones of their predecessors, pottery and mud and the presence of beautiful ceilings cave.
It is expected to transform the rest of the cave and reopen it in the future to tourists, the tourism industry and tourism, along with other historic and natural landscapes.

Ahmedabad Springs Promenade:
This spring is located at the northeastern part of the Borzak and is located in the riverside of the Sarzak seasonal zone and has several boiling fountains. At the top of it, the wall is a barrier filled with sediment for many years, now with the growth of willow trees and shrubs Goz on the bed of the dam created a beautiful view.
The resort, located 100 meters from the main street, attracts many tourists every year. Due to the mountain on the southeast edge of the promenade, tourists interested in mountaineering also benefit from the sport of climbing along with the pristine scenery of this resort.

Sa’ad Abad Tourist Road:
This road is one of the most beautiful natural roads in the city of Kashan. The Sa’ad Abad recreational and tourist road, which starts from the city center, continues along the main river of the city, located in the northeastern part of the city, with a length of 4 km along with the most natural scenes. From the passage of the promenades, mountains, waterfalls and the waters that are always raining towards the main road of Kashkan Borzak road ends. The Saran Springs, alongside the road and its ever-rushing waters, have created a beautiful and unrepeated glimpse of the evergreen nature surrounding it.
Natural resorts along this beautiful road are a safe haven for tired travelers.